ALC Lan Manager Server


Powerful management of Consoles, PCs, employees, stock etc.


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ALC Lan Manager Server is a powerful tool that lets you control a great many functions on consoles and computers from a single window. Some of the possibilities include: game times, the number of printouts, and CD/DVD burning.

In principle, its use is geared for managing Internet cafes and other network rooms, although the program is equally effective for general company or business use where you want to monitor the computer use of your employees.

To do all this, you must first install the client on each of the machines you want to control, and set up a central computer server from where you will be able to control PC access, security, pricing, billing and reporting, among other things.

Here are some of its features:

- Pre-Paid, Post-Paid modes and the setting up user accounts.
- Print outs controlled by the percentage of ink.
- Control of CD and DVD recordings by number of Mega Bytes.
- Control equipment remotely using hardware. You can control any console via RCA, DVI and HDMI.
- Dedicated save folders for registered users.
- Full control over remote computers. (Restart, Turn on, Turn off, etc.)
- VNC integration for real time control of remote units.
- Billing and discount system.
- Stock control, with bar codes, minimum stock limits, products, services and the possibility of selling product combinations.
- Managing staff with vouchers, cash withdrawals, expenses and miscellaneous incomes and outgoings.
- Detailed reports searchable by date ranges, operator, machine, code and description etc, which you can then export to Excel.
- Creation of management reports for single or multi-site businesses together with a report viewer.
By Álvaro Toledo

Customers can download the program by clicking aquí.


This version only allows upto 3 machines to be managed.
Also, the print module is enabled but does not print.

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